Please follow these instructions to successfully add MRCLs to your Company Assets in Symphony.

Step 1. Go to MRCLs

Step 2. Verify the MRCL

Step 3. Upload MRCL documents

Step 4. Review and Complete


1. Go to MRCLs 

Navigate to My Company and select the MRCLs tab. Add MRCLs in the My Company area before starting your proposal. Click +New MRCL to add MRCLs to your company assets before assigning to projects/past performance or starting your proposal.


2. Verify the MRCL

Choose the type of MRCL to add. A “meaningful relationship” exists within a corporate structure when at least one of the listed conditions exists. You can select more than one condition but if your MRCL does not meet the standard of the types of MRCLs defined, please provide the documentation of the MRCL relationship with the corresponding project experience.

MRCL Types 

Searches use the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). The Cage code field is optional unless a UEI has multiple cage codes. Confirm or Try again based on the details displayed. 

  • Ensure the MRCL's SAM UEI is correct. 
  • Symphony does not refresh MRCL SAM data.


3. Upload MRCL documents

Upload the supporting documentation, such as the meaningful relationship commitment letters. You can claim Business Factors for the MRCL at the prime level.  


4. Review and Complete

Review the MRCL's general information and documentation. Save and Complete to add the MRCL. Once MRCLs are in the system, a table will display the MRCLs and then you can view, edit or delete them from your asset library. Use the MRCL's name as a link to review their general information and documentation


  • If you are sharing resources from other entities by way of a meaningful relationship within a corporate structure, only one offer (e.g., proposal) from that corporate structure should be submitted per Pool. 


If you still need help, contact us.

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