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The following are some frequently asked questions about Symphony registration. 

Symphony includes the following contract vehicles

ALLIANT 3        ASTRO        OASIS         OASIS PLUS         OMNIBUS        POLARIS        MQS


Why do you have to register?

You need to be registered at the correct link for the Contract Vehicle you need to access so that you can be activated and assigned permissions. 

  • Direct registration links are available at the top of the page.
  • Contract holders and offerors should refer to the Industry Registration articles. 

Can I register for multiple companies? Can my email address be linked to more than one company?

An email can only be linked to one company. 

  • To access multiple companies on one Symphony website register with a unique email for each company. 
  • Do not use a group email address.


Where is my validation code for my registration?

If you don't get an email, please check your spam or trash folders and make sure that the email address is receiving messages. It could come from one of the following:


What company should I register for?

You should register with the UEI and cage code for the company that will be prime for the proposal. 

  • The UEI can also be for a Joint Venture Entity. 
  • If your company has a contract award, register with the contract holder’s UEI and cage code.


Can I register with a subcontractor or JV Member's company?

Users must register with the SAM UEI and cage code for the company that will be the prime offeror for the proposal. 

Subcontractors and Joint Venture members are added as Team Members in Symphony.
Users cannot share their company assets with a separate company or across contract vehicles. 

Can I register without the SAM UEI?

Symphony requires an active SAM record for registration. 

  • Symphony requires the SAM UEI and cage code to validate a company.
  • Symphony requires a valid FPDS code to validate a government organization (agency).


Can I register without a Cage code?

Yes, but you must enter the cage code if you have more than one cage code assigned to your UEI. 

  • Users who don't enter the cage code may end up registered with the wrong company. Submit a helpdesk ticket with your email address and provide the correct UEI/Cage for registration and we can move or revoke the account (See Figure 1).


Why can't my organization be found?

Sometimes SAM is not available for the verification process.  

  • If you receive an error message and cannot confirm your organization, please try again shortly.  
  • If this problem persists, please check SAM for any notices regarding the system status.
  • If the organization is a government agency, Submit a helpdesk ticket with the FPDS information.

What can I do if I register for the wrong company? How can my registration be deleted?

  1. Submit a helpdesk ticket with your email address 
  2. Provide the correct UEI/Cage or Agency Code for registration 
  3. We can move or revoke the account (See Figure 1). 

Figure 1. Submitting a ticket for Account Changes

Can I send a request to switch multiple email addresses to an organization, or does each person need to send a request individually? 

We can move accounts individually or as a group to the desired organization (UEI and Cage code).  

See the links below for related topics.


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