Managing Your Business Users

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Symphony includes the following contract vehicles

ALLIANT 3        ASTRO        OASIS         OASIS PLUS         OMNIBUS        POLARIS        MQS


Please follow these instructions or watch the video at the end of the page to successfully perform Administration tasks in Symphony. 


1. Go to the Administration Link

Only a registered Symphony Administrator has the Administration link (See Figure 1 and Administrator Access). 

  • Administrators can only activate additional users after they register. You cannot add users.
  • Administrators can limit those who have access, or provide access and remove access after specific tasks. 

Figure 1. Administration Link and screen. 


2. Update User Status

Administrators can only manage users registered for the same company at the right Symphony website for the contract vehicle.

  1. Click on the row for the user you want to activate or disable (See Frequently Asked Questions if you can't find a registered user)
  2. Change the user's status (See Figure 2). 
  3. Save your changes. 

User’s status must be active for the permissions to applyFigure 2. Activate accounts to allow sign-in 


The status options are defined below (See Table 1).

Users can sign into Symphony and perform the tasks for their group permissions. 
There are no restricted viewing roles in Symphony once a user has an active status.

The user no longer needs access to Symphony and they should not appear in the Administration link. 
This option is not a full delete and does not allow users to register with the same email again.


The user has registered and needs approval to sign in.
The user will receive an inactive account message (See Inactive Accounts).
The user is not authorized to sign in.
The user will receive an inactive account message.

The user has a locked account from inactivity or too many failed password attempts.

Table 1.  


3. Update Group Membership

Administrators can add or remove additional group permissions from all registered users within their company using the Administration link (See Figure 3). 

A user’s status must be active for permissions to apply.

Group Permission Options

Figure 3. Group Membership Options 

The group membership and related role permissions are defined below (See Table 2).


The registered company's SAM POC(s) are automatically assigned to this role. 

Administrators have full access to everything including managing users 
(i.e. submitting proposals, responding to clarifications, and completing contract management tasks)

Users who receive an email invitation for the Symphony contract vehicle after the contract award are also assigned the administrator role.

Contract/Program Manager

These users can submit proposals on behalf of the organization for their awarded contract vehicle. 
The Contact/Program Manager role only applies to contract holders. 
See Managing Your Contract Points of Contact (COCM/COPM) for more information on Contract Management.


These users can view Task Order Requests and edit proposal data on behalf of their organization. 

These users cannot access administration, submit proposals, or respond to clarifications.

Open Market 
Proposal Manager

The user can submit a proposal on behalf of the organization during open solicitations. 
The role does not include the Administration link. 
See Managing Your Proposal Contacts to assign the Contract Manager and Program Manager positions during an Open Market Solicitation before proposal submission.

Table 2.


4. Proposal Manager Assignment

One Open Market Proposal Manager role can be assigned to the user responsible for the following actions:

  1. Submit a proposal on behalf of the organization during open solicitations. The Open Market Proposal Manager verifies that the uploaded information is accurate.
  2. Receive and Respond to clarification requests. 

The Contract Manager and Program Manager positions during an open Solicitation and evaluation period are not assigned in Administration (See Managing Your Proposal Contacts). These roles also cannot be updated after proposal submission. Please email the program office if there are changes they need to know about during the evaluation period.

The Authorized Negotiator role is not part of Symphony. 

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.


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