Please follow these instructions to successfully add Business Factors to your Company Assets in Symphony.

Step 1. Go to Business Factors

Step 2. Claim Business Factors

Step 3. Business Factor Review

1. Go to Business Factors

Navigate to My Company and select the Business Factors tab. Business Factors are additional assets you claim for the Prime entity and Symphony automatically adds them to your proposal. These include Systems, Industry Certifications, Clearances, Human Resources information, Financial Documents, and Other Documents that are relevant to your company assets. 


2. Claim Business Factors

Business Factors are not necessarily minimum or mandatory requirements. The steps to add Business Factors are:

  1. Select the Business Factor you wish to claim
  2. Answer any questions (as applicable)
  3. Upload your supporting documentation (as applicable)
  4. Certify your claim
  5. Save and Claim


Use descriptive file names that explain what information is contained in the documents. Your documents will be used as a reference to support your claims and the Business Factors relevant to each pool will be located in your proposal submission.


3. Business Factor Review 

The Business Factors belonging to your company show claimed or unclaimed in the Company Overview. 

  • MRCLs do not have the ability to claim business factors. They are considered part of the Prime. 
  • Any business factors that belong to a Team Member will not display on your company overview. They belong to the Team Members. Please reference the Symphony Team Members folder for more information.


Below is the definition of the circle shading on the Company Overview.


No Shading 
The factor has not been claimed.
Full Shading 
The Organization submitting the proposal is claiming the factor.
Half Shading 
One of the Organization's team members is claiming the factor. Half shading is only shown on the Proposal Overview screen if an added Team Member claims a business factor that the Prime organization does not claim. Please reference the Offeror Support folder for more information.


Watch this video for a brief overview.


If you still need help, contact us.

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