Please follow these instructions to successfully add projects to your Company Assets in Symphony.

Step 1. Go to Projects 

Step 2. Provide Project Data

Step 3. Review and Complete


1. Go to Projects 

Navigate to My Company and select the Projects/Past Performance tab. Click the +New Project Experience button to add projects to your company assets before starting your proposal.

2. Provide Project Data

To start your project reference, provide the requested information. New Projects are entered by filling in the fields and following the steps relating to your Project References, Documents, and Details. 

  • Add Team Members or MRCLs to your Company Assets so they will be available for reference as the Prime Contractor in the Project entry screen.

Use descriptive file names that explain what information is contained in the documents to support your claims. Uploaded files should have annotations (“tags”). Please reference the Symphony Tagging folder for more information. Some recommended tags are:


 Other Direct or Indirect Costs
 Cost Reimbursement
 Full-Time Equivalents
 Number of locations
 Outside of the Continental United States
 Period of Performance
 Product and Service Code (PSC)
 Total Contract Value


  • Use the File Reference field to direct the evaluators to the relevant project document.
  • Use simple “tags” to make this process easier for yourself and the evaluators.
  • You cannot rename or tag your files in Symphony. 


3. Review and Complete

Review the project's general information and documentation. Save and Complete to add the project.

  • A table will display the added Projects/Past Performance and the ability to view, edit or delete them from your asset library. Use the Project title as a link to review the general information and documentation. 

Return to the Dashboard and go to the Solicitations tab to add projects to your pool submission. Performance Factors will then be available for the pool being applied for. Please reference the Offeror Support folder for more information. 

Watch this video for a brief overview.

If you still need help, contact us.

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