How to Modify Your Polaris Socioeconomic Pool Submission

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Please read this overview to understand how to work within Symphony for the GSA Polaris solicitation.  

This is not an exhaustive list.  The solicitation should always be used as the source of truth. 

1. Start on the Dashboard

2. Modify the Submission

3. Update My Company

4. Upload new Submission Documents

5. Resubmit your Proposal


1. Start on the Dashboard

Begin at the Dashboard and look for the notification icon next to your submission that may alert you to a clarification. The icon will appear if the clarification has not been viewed. If the icon is not there, please use the View Details link.

2. Modify the Submission

On the Proposal Details tab, use the Modify Submission button to retract your submission for the Clarification or Amendment changes requested and allowed. Only your POC administrator(s) (at the time they registered) or the Open Market Proposal Manager can modify or submit your proposal(s) when the feature is available for your pool. Please ask your administrator to assign your account the Open Market Proposal Manager role in the administration link if you do not have the Modify Submission option. It's the big green button in user management.

Open Market Proposal Manager Assignment

In the Proposal Details tab, you may see new and old advisories relating to your offer and the latest amendment requirements. Warning and error messages are for advisory purposes only and will not prevent a SAM POC Administrator or Open Market Proposal Manager from certifying and resubmitting a proposal after the possible changes are complete.

3. Update My Company

  1. Go to the My Company link to add the new Cost/Price data. The Cost/Price button is on the left navigation menu below Business Factors. It is available to all offerors. 
  2. Use the Polaris Cost/Price links to upload the completed pricing spreadsheet as provided by the corresponding Solicitation. Upload a Basis of Estimate to support the Cost/Price methodology. Symphony is looking for an Excel template and a PDF document. Certify your claim and save your changes. 
  3. Please follow these steps for each pool with a submitted proposal.

  • Only one cost/price submission may be submitted for a solicitation from the offeror. There is no option to add it at the Team Member level.  
  • You can view, edit, or delete cost/price documents by following the same process as Business Factors. Please see How to Edit Business Factors for the Prime for information on unlocking a claim for changes.
  • Symphony will provide any validation errors in your submission for the corresponding Solicitation. 

Additional Information

Symphony prevents changes to your original submission and no updates outside the current Amendment can be


  • Please update the Professional Employee Compensation Plan (PECP) Business Factor, if necessary. The PECP is in My Company > Business Factors or My Company > Team Members > Business Factors. Please reference How to Edit Business Factors for more information.
  • Pay attention to the messages displayed if you attempt edits that are not allowed. An example of a forbidden change is in the Business Factor image below.

Locked Business Factors

4. Upload new Submission Documents

As a reminder, use the Submission Documents tab within your proposal to upload the SF 30 and any other documents necessary for a compliant proposal. Select the SF 33 and/or SF 30 document type from the dropdown menu and choose the file to upload. It will appear in the list at the bottom of the page and in the Review section. Please reference How to Submit your Proposal for additional submission information.

5. Resubmit your Proposal

If the Pricing Proposal is the only change you are making, follow these steps.

  1. Please return to the Dashboard and "Continue your Submission" to review the updates to your proposal. 
  2. Go to the Live Score or the Review Tab to see if your assembled proposal is ready for submission
  3. Pay attention to messages that state that certain requirements are not complete. Please reference How Cost/Price Works for help troubleshooting the messages that are possible in the "Check for Validation" stepPrevious advisories cannot be removed. 
  4. If you have submitted proposals for more than one socioeconomic pool, you must certify and resubmit each.


Only a SAM POC Administrator or the Open Market Proposal Manager can resubmit your proposal. Scroll to the bottom and click submit if you have the permissions. Please reference the Administration folder for more information. 

  • Once submitted, Symphony will display the new submission date and time, with the option to view the details of it. 
  • There will be a print option to save a copy of the submission for your records. Receipt notifications will not be sent.
  • Once the amendment deadline is met, Symphony will close and all assets are frozen.

Proposal Submission screen

Joint Ventures

The following information applies to Joint Ventures, including Mentor-Protege Joint Ventures. Other offerors will not be able to make these changes. 

Teaming Arrangements: Only JVs, including MPJVs, can make changes to their Team Members in My Company and the submission. 

  • New Subcontractors can be added. Go to My Company > Team Members to start this task. 
    1. Use the Team Members Business Factors tab to upload the required Organizational Risk Assessment (ORA) and Representations and Certifications. 
    2. Use the Team Members Documents tab to upload the Subcontractor Letter of Commitment and other Teaming documents as necessary. 
    3. Return to the Dashboard and Continue your Submission when you are ready to add the Subcontractor to your proposal.

My Company Team Members 

Projects/Past Performance: Only projects from the JV itself, JV members from the pool's socioeconomic category, or Proteges (in the case of MPJVs) may be changed in My Company and the submission. The projects that cannot be changed will be displayed as "Not Allowed". Projects that can be changed will have the red withdraw button so that changes to those projects can be made in My Company > Projects/Past Performance.

  • Note that project updates in My Company will only be applied to projects in submissions that have been retracted for modifications. 
  • After deleting project documents in My Company, the project must be removed from 

    Submission Projects/Past Performance

JV, Team Member within the Socioeconomic category, and Protege projects can be removed and/or replaced. If you are trying to replace a project:

  1. Go to the Submission > Projects/Past Performance and withdraw the project you no longer wish to use in your proposal.
  2. Go to My Company > Projects/Past Performance to create a new project. Projects can be added from any company in the offering team, but Mentors are limited to 3 Primary Relevant Experience Projects.
  3. Finish your project claims by adding them to the Submission and use the Begin button to claim the performance factors for scoring.

My Company Projects and Past Performance


Please follow these steps to update your projects/past performance.

  1. Go to My Company Projects/Past Performance to start this task. 
  2. Return to the Dashboard and Continue your Submission when you are ready to add projects to your proposal.
  3. Finish your project claims by adding them to the Submission and use the Begin button to claim the performance factors for scoring.
  4. If a project is to be used as an unscored Capabilities Relevant Experience Project, click the Begin or Modify button next to the project and select that as the project's Performance Factor. If this project was previously claimed as Primary or Emerging Technology Relevant Experience, that project type will need to be unselected.

Business Factors: JV Business Factors only allow three changes. Use the Unclaim button to unlock these Business Factors for edits. You can only delete documents that have a red trashcan icon. Scroll down if you can't see the documents. You can Save and Claim your changes or use the close button to keep the factor unclaimed.

  1. Organizational Risk Assessment
  2. Representations and Certifications
  3. Professional Employee Compensation Plan

Editable Business Factor

Reminder: Only a SAM POC Administrator or the Open Market Proposal Manager can resubmit your proposal. 

  • Once the Amendment deadline is met, Symphony will close and all assets will be frozen.

Proposal Submission screen

If you still need help, contact us.

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