Please follow these instructions to successfully delete MRCLs from your Company Assets in Symphony.


You may need to delete MRCLs from your Symphony assets when the SAM data is incorrect. In this situation, MRCLs need to be removed from Symphony and re-added. 

Step 1. Check your Submission

Step 2. Check your Projects

Step 3. Go to MRCLs

Step 4. Edit the MRCL 

Step 5. Delete the MRCL


1. Check your Submission

Make sure the MRCL is not part of your proposal. Go to the MRCLs tab in your submission and withdraw the MRCL if they are listed.

2. Check your Projects

Go to Projects/Past Performance in the My Company link if the MRCL performed any projects. Replace them with the prime or another team member as needed. This can be a temporary swap.

3. Go to MRCLs 

Go to the MRCLs tab in My Company and select the MRCL once they are not part of any projects or submissions. Symphony will direct you to the order of the steps if attempted in the wrong order. Read the messages carefully. 


4. Edit the MRCL 

Select the MRCL and use the Edit MRCL button. Delete any supporting files attached to the MRCL. Go to Business Factors in My Company to remove any claims and documents provided by the MRCL if needed. 


5. Delete the MRCL

Once the deletion is complete, you can add the MRCL back to Symphony with the current information at SAM if needed. Remember to update the corresponding assets in the applicable screens if you add MRCLs back. 


If you still need help, contact us.

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