You may review the following Step by Step Instructions to successfully create a proposal in Symphony for the Polaris solicitation. The required URL for Polaris offerors is

Step by Step Instructions

How to Start your Submission

When the Solicitation is open to submissions, you will be able to "Start your Submission" for a desired pool or "Continue your Submission" to complete your proposal in multiple sittings or review before submission. Complete your Company profile using the My Company link before applying for a pool. 

Step 1: Proposal Overview

The Proposal Overview provides a summary of the information that you have entered in Symphony such as Team Members, MRCLs, Project Experience, and other Business Factors that are relevant to the Pool. Links to the Document Library and your SAM data are also at the bottom of this page. SAM data is pulled directly from your public SAM record. If there is an issue with your data, update it at SAM, and then give 24-48 hours for the change to reflect in both databases.

Submission Proposal Overview Page

The NAICS codes in your Reps and Certs need to match the NAICS codes referenced in the solicitation for the corresponding pool submission. You must update this data in SAM directly before it will be reflected in Symphony.

For more information about the Live Score displayed at the top of the screen, select the button it is displayed on to review your Scorecard, what the point values are, and how many points you have as you assemble your company assets for your offer. Complete your Company profile using the My Company link before applying for a pool and adding your assets.

Live Score example

Step 2: Proposal Contacts

Add your proposal personnel such as your Contract Manager and Program Manager. If it is not yourself, you can select from your companies registered users in Symphony. You cannot assign positions to users who have not registered in Symphony. All users should register themselves.

Proposal Points of Contacts

Step 3: Team Members

Team Members, their business factors, and documentation (which includes your team member agreements) can be added to your pool submission and then viewed or removed as needed. This feature is useful for having different team members for each pool submission. If you have already added team members to your company profile, you can select them to add to the pool submission from a drop-down menu or you can add a new team member record by going to My Company and including the asset there. If you need to delete a Team Member, verify the team member is not in any project experience or unsubmitted proposals. For more information, please refer to the articles How Team Members work and How Business Factors work in Symphony for Polaris.

Proposal Team Members

Step 4: MRCLs

Existing MRCLs in your Company Asset Library can be selected from the drop-down menu to add to the pool submission or you can add a new MRCL record as necessary for your proposal by going to My Company and including the asset there. MRCLs can be added, viewed or removed as needed. This feature is useful for having different MRCLs for each pool submission and project experience. Please note MRCLs do not have the ability to claim business factors. MRCLs are considered part of the Prime. For more information, please refer to the article How MRCLs work in Symphony for Polaris.

Step 5: Projects and Past Performance

Select from past projects in Symphony and add them to the pool submission from a drop-down menu or add a new Project experience by navigating to Projects/Past Performance in My Company. A project is defined by its title, contract number, and Prime Contractor. The Project Summary and the list of supporting documentation specific to that project will be displayed for information if you use the link.

Proposal Project Experience direction to Performance Factors

In a submission, there are also Functional/Performance Factors that must be added to your project experience to earn additional points in the pool being applied for. 

Make sure to begin or modify your Functional/Performance factors to receive points for your Primary or Emerging Technology Relevant experience. You will be able to reference multiple documents and select or deselect these references as needed. You must link to a file for reference and provide reference keywords/tags/comments.  See How Tags work in Symphony for Polaris for more information. How you tag this infromation is at your discretion.

Performance Factors to claim and link to tags

If you make changes to a project after using it in a submission, update and verify the changes in any unsubmitted proposals. You can withdraw a project from a submission pool that is recorded in your Company profile but not use it as a scoring element or add the project back to a submission to refresh any changes made to Project Experience.

For more information, please refer to the article How Projects work in Symphony for Polaris.

Step 6: Business Factors

Business factors relevant to each pool will automatically be added to the scorecard provided for that pool. This can be Systems, Industry Certifications, Clearances, Human Resources data, Financial Documents, and Other Documents that are either required or relevant to the poolAdditional information on business factors is located in the article How Business Factors work in Symphony for Polaris.

Step 7: Submission Documents

This area contains the solicitation required form(s) for you to upload (i.e. SF-33, SF-30) once Q&A is complete. You may upload your disclaimer into the Submission Documents upload (Confidentiality Disclosure Statement) for each pool submission to attach it to each proposal if you choose. 

Submission Docs upload area for the SF33 and more

Step 8: Document Library

The Document Library contains all files that you upload to Symphony. A reference to document uploads is attached to this article. The files that are used in your pool submission(s) must remain until after submission and the pool's solicitation deadline. Do not delete anything you need to submit to a pool until after the solicitation deadline. Symphony is unavailable when a solicitation deadline occurs so your assets are saved. 

Step 9: Review

Review all the information you have submitted to see how each section has been scored.

Proposal Review screen before submission

The Submit function is not available until after the Q&A deadline. If the government needs to make amendments to the solicitation, this prevents you from having to submit multiple times. 

A proposal is certified and submitted from this screen even if error messages are stating that certain requirements are not complete. Be advised warning messages are seen by the evaluators.

Only an Administrator or the Proposal Manager can submit your proposal. 

Once submitted, the pool will display the submission date and time, with the option to view the details of it. 

An Administrator or Proposal Manager can make edits until the solicitation deadline. Carefully review and resubmit if changes are made. Once the Solicitation deadline is met, all assets are frozen. If you still need help, please click here to contact us.

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