Review the following instructions to assist in responding to released orders Pending Proposals in Symphony. The required URL for OASIS contract holders is:

Step 1. Select an Order

Click the Orders link when an order is in Released status to view the order details. Details include the following data points:

  • Summary
  • Ask Questions
  • Amendments
  • Respond
  • Documents


The Summary screen gives an overview of the Order Opportunity.

Ask Questions

When an order is Released-Pending Questions, Contract Holders have the opportunity to request more information from the Ordering Contracting Officer.


Find Amendments on this screen. Select View Details to see the changes.


When an order is Released–Pending Proposals, Contract Holders can submit their proposals or No Bid.


Find and download additional order information in the document library.

Step 2. Respond to an Order

To submit a proposal:

  1. Upload your proposal documents.
  2. Verify the number of files.
  3. Submit and confirm your proposal submission.
Please note that you can revise your proposal before the submission deadline. If you make any changes, the proposal is not updated or sent until you press SUBMIT. Make sure the receipt page reflects your submitted response with the date and time.

To submit a No Bid:

  1. Click No Bid. 
  2. Enter the reason.
  3. Submit your response. 

Be aware you can change your mind and submit a proposal up to the deadline. If you still need help, please contact us.

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