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How do I reset my MFA?

Contact us. For Multi-Factor Authentication you can use any time-based Authenticator Application or choose SMS delivery of the six digit code. If you choose a mobile app, make sure you scan it from within the auth app and not just using your phone's camera. 

How do I register under a different DUNS?

If you are submitting proposals on behalf of multiple companies, you will need a unique email address for each company (DUNS) you are registering. You cannot register for multiple entities using the same email address. If you registered under the wrong DUNS, contact us and we can revoke your existing registration so that you can re-register under the correct DUNS using the same email address.

My Company 

Why am I listed as my own team member in the Team Members section of our company information. Is that correct? Or is the system seeing us as a subcontractor to ourselves?

You are your own team.  If you didn't add anything to team members and only you are listed, then you don't have any team members other than yourself. You can remove other team members from your Company Assets but you cannot remove yourself.


Can the Symphony tag field have more than one tag reference?

No, but there are two parts to tagging. If you are substantiating the same functional factor, use that same tag in the PDF document multiple times. The evaluators will tab through them in the document.  Second, if you are using the same document to substantiate multiple functional factors, you can use the same PDF document with different tags and make sure to match the tag with the right functional factor. The PDF tags can be separated but the tags in Symphony look for a single string of text. Symphony can have one tag, but the tags in your PDF are unlimited. See the example:

ff1_pool1: Other text/comments i.e. Platform

ff1_pool1: Other text/comments i.e. Maintenance operation or Platform, Maintenance Operation

My Projects

Is there a limit to the The Project Title field?

Yes, the limit is 250 CHARACTERS. 

If I want to use multiple task orders under an IDIQ as separate projects, how do I enter the contract/task order numbers? 

You can amend the TO number to the contract number.   GSA1234567-0003. GSA1234567-0005.  You can add the individual projects as contractNumber-toNumber. Add the TO number alone in the task order field.


I want to submit proposals for multiple pools and have contracts that will apply to multiple pools. Can you clarify how you would like the tags structured to make it easy for the evaluator to score the contracts appropriately per pool?

As an example, let’s say Project Contract GSA123456 is used for both Mission Operations and Maritime Pools.  You use one set of documents for this project. Use the same document that you uploaded (GSA123456 SOW.pdf) for each pool by tagging the places that apply to Mission Ops and referencing them in Symphony in the Mission Ops functional factors and then tag the same doc for the Maritime functional factors claim.  As long as the tag matches in both Symphony and the document, we will find your claim. See the following:

Pool + Document + Tag
Mission Operations  +. GSA123456 SOW.pdf  +. factor1_MissionOps

Maritime +. GSA123456 SOW.pdf +. factor1_Maritime


What is the process when I want to use a bundle of (different) task orders under the same IDIQ as another project?

There is an option for Collection of Task Orders under project type. Simply put a comma between the task orders in that field and it will separate them. Projects are reusable across multiple pools because you add all your relevant project experience documents before adding a project to a Pool in My Company. You use your project documents to substantiate your claims. Make sure to tag each of the Functional Factors in your documents and use common sense naming conventions for your use.  The government does not need to know a file name to find it on the evaluation side. Symphony will provide the government a direct link to the file you specify combined with the reference tag. When you add a project to a submission, you claim the functional factors specific to that pool by clicking the BEGIN button next to the project. The button will read MODIFY if you need to return to these claims later.


In the “Who is the Prime Contractor?” field, there is a note stating, “If this is a MRCL referenced project use the team member with the MRCL as the Prime Contractor.” Please confirm that offerors are not to select themselves but rather the other entity with whom there is a MRCL.

When identifying the Prime Contractor, you will need to add the Team Member or MRCL to your Company Assets so they will be available to reference as a Prime Contractor. Please let me know if this helps or you experience any issues.


For period of performance, I am using two different documents—one for the start date and one for the end date. Can I enter two different documents and two different tags for period of performance?

You can reference two different documents using the checkboxes in the dropdown menu but the Tag should be the same. Many things like POP and Value will use the same tag in multiple documents and can be in multiple places in the same document file. Put one tag in Symphony when it is requested, but the tags in your PDF's are unlimited. You can also separate your tag references in your PDF comments with commas or semicolons.

Reference: POP document1. Tag in Document = POP: followed by a comment that this is the start date.

Reference: POP document2. Tag in Document = POP: followed by a comment that this is the end date.


Functional Factors

Where are the Functional Factors? 

You add all your relevant project experience documents prior to adding a project to a pool in My Company > Projects/Past Performance. When you add a project to a submission the functional factors specific to that pool can be claimed. After you add a project to a submission you will see a BEGIN button in the project listing.  All the functional factors can be claimed.

How do I validate a project is platform related and is separate from the Functional Factor validation?

You can reuse a project across multiple pools simply by adding the project to a submission and then adding the functional factors specific to that pool.  Please click on Dashboard >  Select the Pool > Click the Projects button on the left >  Add the desired project > Select the BEGIN button. The platform or scope relation is made first, and then the functional factors are claimed and references get linked to those. In Symphony, you can claim multiple documents but you can only have one tag.


Where are the functional factors proof documents loaded in the Symphony system?

When you add a project to a submission (Dashboard > Pool > Projects/Past Performance), you claim the functional factors specific to that pool by clicking the BEGIN button next to the project. The file references available are brought into a pool based on your Project Experience in your “My Company” Assets. You must support your claims with references and documentation. You must also certify that the Project complies with the scope definition of the pool. Make sure to tag each of the Functional Factors in your documents before you upload to Symphony. The button will read MODIFY if you need to return to these claims later. You can claim or not claim as many functional factors as applicable.

My Score

Is it possible when I go into a pool to have a breakout of the scoring?

There are two places to see your score. The Live Score in the top right of your submission, and the Scorecard feature under the review tab. Both will provide you with the breakdown of your submissions scored elements.  

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