The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Symphony. Be aware that each link is a separate Symphony portal and requires its own registration. You must use the correct link for the Contract Vehicle you need to access.

We are working on a single login for Symphony and hope to have it available in the future. 

If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact us via email or the New Ticket button in the Helpdesk. If you open a support ticket and you do not receive a response within four business hours, your firewall may be preventing our messages from reaching you. Please check your junk/spam folders for You cannot log into the Helpdesk to check your ticket status. Due to the nature of software applications, there is not a phone number to call.

Registration Questions

Why do you have to register?

Users need to be registered so that then they can be activated and assigned permissions. If your company System for Award management (SAM) record is private, you will need to make it public for the purposes of registration, submission, and evaluation. Symphony is using an API provided by SAM to collect your information directly, which allows the system to verify data, which results in a quicker evaluation. Do not make your SAM record private until after the contract award. The government will need to collect up-to-date SAM data from your account via Symphony.

If you register as a SAM Point of Contact (POC), be aware of the following:

  • The name entered in Symphony MUST match the POC name used in SAM at the time of registration.

  • If you were supposed to be the SAM POC and you modified your SAM record after you registered in Symphony, please contact the SAM POC that was listed on the confirmation page during your registration to request they activate your account. If you make updates to SAM after you register, it will not work for login, and you will need to be manually activated. Please contact us for this issue.

Sometimes SAM is not available to us to validate your company's information. If you receive an error message and are unable to register in Symphony, please try again shortly. If this problem persists, please check SAM ( for current system status. Beginning April 4, 2022, your DUNS will be replaced by your SAM Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).

How do I add users?

All users must register themselves for Symphony in order to set-up their preferred method of Multi-factor Authentication, and to verify that their registered email address is correct. You need a unique email for each UEI registered in a single Symphony portal and you should not use group email addresses. There is no way for you to add other users on their behalf due to our security requirements.

Additional users register themselves and are then activated by the SAM POC through the Administration menu in Symphony. If additional users are assigned to the Administrator group they will also have the ability to activate registered users if their accounts are active. Please refer to How to Manage Users for more information.

Can I register with the same email for more than one company?
No. You can not register for more than one company using the same email address in a single Symphony portal. If you are submitting proposals on behalf of multiple companies in a single Symphony portal, you will need a unique email address for each company you are registering.

How do I change my registration from an incorrect UEI to the correct UEI?
If you need your registration revoked or your account moved to one that already has users registered, please contact us and let us know the correct UEI and Cage combination.

Is there a limit to how many users can register for Symphony?

No. You can have as many users in Symphony as you need and they will all be able to work in Symphony if their accounts are active. However, you may want to limit the number of users who have access to Symphony so you can successfully manage the content within your submission(s).


Is registration always available?

Registration is not available outside of the solicitation or on-ramping phase. There is no registration during Evaluation. Only users already registered can access Symphony when in Evaluation.

Can you register your Company without the DUNS +4 or UEI and cage code? 

Only the DUNS/UEI is required to validate an organization using SAM however you do need to ensure you use the correct combination if you have more than one entity in SAM.

Which UEI should I register for a Joint Venture?

Register with the UEI for the JV itself, not the members.  You can only use an email address once.  All other users that will be contributing to the proposal for the entity should also register under the JV's UEI and not the individual members. 

When Team Members register do they use the Prime's UEI or their own?

Only the prime that is submitting a proposal should register. The prime can add team members and subcontractors to their company assets by their SAM UEI for their proposal(s) without having their users register. If team member and subcontractor users must register, they should use the prime’s UEI and Cage code. 

Account Questions

Who is my Symphony Administrator?

If no one has registered in your company that is a SAM POC, then there isn't an administrator and we cannot email them about registrations in Symphony.  For security reasons, a SAM POC needs to register in the same portal and be immediately activated. A SAM POC can sign in and manage additional registered users in Symphony Administration.

Why is my Account Inactive when I try to sign in?

If you see an account inactive message when you attempt to sign in, the message is letting you know that you should ask your SAM POC (which would have displayed at the end of your registration) to register for Symphony. 

Symphony cannot send notifications to your SAM POC(s) unless they are registered in the same Symphony portal. There is no activation for Symphony in SAM. You need to notify your SAM POC(s) outside of Symphony and ask them to register for the same Symphony portal as you. You must use the correct URL. SAM POC(s) can activate your account in their administration link within Symphony. Once complete, you can sign into Symphony.

How does my Symphony Administrator activate my inactive account?

The administrator must change your status from Initial to Active in their Administration link within Symphony. You can reference How to Manage Users for more information.

Why can't the Symphony Administrator see certain users in Administration?

There are multiple, unique instances of Symphony because the programs that use Symphony are totally separate. Please ensure that everyone is using the correct link to register, sign in, and is registered with the same UEI and Cage Code. Users cannot be seen across the different Symphony portals. If you need help moving an account or cancelling a registration within a Symphony portal, please contact us

How do I restrict user view in the portal as an Administrator?

There are no restricted viewing roles in Symphony once a user is in the active status.

Why am I not getting a Password Reset email?

If you attempt to sign in, you will likely see an Authentication Failed message. Occasionally the Forgot Password email is blocked by your firewall. To access Symphony for a Contract Vehicle under the General Services Administration (GSA), please check your junk/spam/trash folders for If there is still no message, please verify your account exists by attempting to complete the registration process.

Why does Symphony state Authentication Failed?

Usually this happens because you are not registered for the Symphony portal, or your password is incorrect. Make sure you are also at the correct URL. Pay attention to the Program branding.Authentication Failed screen

Troubleshooting Tip #1: Try to use the Forgot Password link to have a temporary password and reset link sent to the email address you entered. It will only arrive if you are registered for that Symphony portal. If you do not get the email, and checked your junk/spam/trash folders, try the second troubleshooting tip.

Troubleshooting Tip #2: Verify your registration by attempting to complete the registration process as if it's the first time.

  1. To confirm your registration, please try to refresh your browser, remove your email address and password, and click on the register button. 
  2. Enter your email address and Symphony will send you an email message.  
    This message will let you know if you are already registered or not.  Keep an eye on your junk/spam folders. If you get a duplicate registration email, contact us.
  3. If you are not already registered, the email will provide a temporary validation code for you to enter and complete the registration process. 

How do I change my email?

Please register with the new email addresses and then your Symphony administrator can inactivate your old account. Administrators should use Initial or Pending status. Only use the Delete option when a user no longer needs access to Symphony. This option is not a full delete from the system and does not allow users to register with the same email again. Refer to How to Manage Users for more information

Why do I have to register for another instance of Symphony?

There are multiple and separate instances of Symphony that operate independently and all users need to complete the registration process as if it's the first time at the correct URL.

Be advised that if you use an Authenticator application, you must scan the QR code provided during registration and enter in the new code generated from your application for validation. 

  • If you do not re-scan the code, you will not be able to sign in with the "old code" or the "other code". 
  • We recommend you edit the account name in your authenticator app to tell the Symphony URL's/logins apart.
  • Do not use authentication apps that will overwrite previous codes.
MFA account edit example

MFA Questions

If SMS/TEXT messages are not received or take a long time to arrive:

Please verify that you have not changed the mobile carrier of the phone you are using.  If you entered your phone number or carrier incorrectly, please contact us

If you haven't made any changes, and you are not receiving the MFA code, this could be a network issue. Occasionally this can happen since the government requires that SMS messages route through an email server. Be advised that occasionally users receive the text code after it has expired. The MFA code is then incorrect. Sometimes disabling wi-fi helps speed up the delivery of the code.

If MFA code from a browser extension expired before it is used:

If you haven't made any changes to your MFA application, then you may have a time difference on your computer. Usually, this happens when it's an app on your computer and not the phone because the phone gets its time from the GPS clock. Look at the following site and see if your system time is matching NIST:

If you need to change your MFA Application:

Contact us for assistance. It is a required security protocol that we must manually validate changes to MFA. Therefore, there is no option for you to switch your own MFA choice after registering.

  • If you would like to use SMS/TEXT, then we need the name of your mobile carrier and your mobile phone number. 
  • If you would like to use an authenticator application, then we will send you a QR code, or secret key in a separate email, which you can manually add to your Authenticator app. If the app asks you for an account name, you can enter any alias you wish. Please be sure to check the "Time Based" option if presented with one.
  • Symphony does not email one-time MFA passcodes due to security vulnerabilities. 

If you switch to a Mobile App:

Please download an Authenticator App from iTunes or Google Play on your mobile phone. We highly recommend Google Authenticator. It is free, easy to use and supports multiple accounts. 
Google Authenticator app logoOnce installed and we provide you a new QR code, follow these steps:
  1. Open the app
  2. Choose scan QR code
  3. Go to Symphony URL
  4. Enter your credentials
  5. Click Sign In
  6. Return to your app on your mobile phone
  7. Enter the code


If you are unable to scan the QR code with a Browser Extension:

This usually happens when we supply the QR code via email and you are using an email client like Microsoft Outlook. Please sign into your email in your browser (use Office 365 if you have Outlook) and then you can use your browser extension to scan the QR code. 

If you make phone changes:

If your phone number or carrier changed, please let us know, and we can take care of it.


If you lose your MFA tool and have to reinstall it:

Please let us know, and we can help you with this issue. 


If the user who had MFA and access into Symphony is no longer available: 

Please let us know:

  1. Email addresses involved.
  2. DUNS/UEI for your company
  3. Which MFA method you want to use.

If you still need help, please contact us.

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