Please note the Submit function is not available until after the Q&A deadline. If the government needs to make amendments to the ASTRO solicitation, this prevents you from having to submit multiple times. The required URL for ASTRO offerors is:

To submit a proposal, follow these steps

  1. Click on the available Solicitation to view all the pools.
  2. Choose the pool and click “Continue Submission”.
  3. Navigate to the Review Tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click submit.

Continue reading this article for more detailed information.

Review and Submit Your Proposal


Navigate to the Review Tab of the pool that you have created a submission for. You can compete in more than one pool, and Symphony will submit it as one proposal. If you have not started a submission for the desired pool, you will want to review the required elements of building a proposal so that you can verify the most accurate scorecard possible.

For more information, please review the article How to Build a Proposal.

The review tab contains five elements. Symphony will display a warning banner if there are possible errors to correct before submitting your proposal(s). The messages are just a warning. However, be advised that warning messages are seen by evaluators. 

You can "Submit" the proposal if you are the SAM POC or Proposal Manager. There will be a receipt page where you can save a copy of the submission for your records. If you make modifications to your proposal after submission, resubmit.


Step 1: Scoring Information

A live score has been displaying changes to the points as you have completed different parts of your proposal submission. A detailed scorecard, as it specifically relates to the submission pool, can be viewed by expanding the Scoring Information card. Make sure you have identified the scoring criteria for which you wish to claim credit in Symphony. This point value does not necessarily reflect your final score. 


Step 2: Team Member Information 

If you have added any team member information to your pool submission, you can review the details of that information by expanding the card.

Please Note: No company may have more than one submission in any given Pool regardless of being a prime or teaming partner/subcontractor/joint venture member. Any company found submitting or being a part of more than one proposal in a given Pool will have ALL of those offers disqualified from consideration.

Step 3: MRCL

If you have added any MRCL data to your pool submission, you can review the details of that information by expanding the MRCL card. If you are sharing resources from other entities by way of a Meaningful Relationship within a Corporate Structure, only one offer (e.g., proposal) from that Corporate Structure should be submitted. 

For more information, please review the article How to Add Team Members and MRCL's.

Step 4: Project Experience Information

If you have added any Project Experience Information to your pool submission(s), you can verify the data by expanding the sections card. In a submission, a project is defined by its title, contract number, and type of vehicle.  

For more information, please review the article How to Add Project Experience.

You cannot delete a project if it has been used in a submitted submission. If there is a document that you want the government to review, do not delete it. After the proposal deadline, only the government will have access to the Symphony system unless a clarification is requested. If you have submitted a pool offer but need to revise a project, and you are the POC or Proposal manager, edit the submission, make sure the project is updated and refreshed, and then submit your proposal again.

Step 5: Documents

All your Documents that are needed to support your claims can be reviewed by expanding this card. The document library is organized by Team Members, MRCLs, Projects/Past Performance, Business Factors, and Submissions. These folders contain subfolders that may include your SF 33, Professional Employee Compensation Plan, Uncompensated Overtime Policy, Meaningful Relationship Commitment Letters (if applicable), and Joint Venture/Partnership agreements (if applicable), to be evaluated. Please upload your disclaimer into the Submission Documents upload for each pool submission to attach it to each proposal.

It is your responsibility to ensure all the requested proposal submission information is current, accurate, and complete. 

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